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Make the most of each feeding with Realtree® dog food. Based on a formula proven to get dogs through the harshest conditions, this everyday dog food is nutrient-dense and provides optimal energy for active dogs. With a 30/25 protein and fat formulation, Realtree® delivers the highest metabolized energy ratio in the sport dog food category.


Realtree® High Performance Dog Food - 30/25 Formula

Realtree® High Performance Dog Food sports a 30/25 protein-to-fat ratio delivering the highest metabolised energy ratio in the sport dog food category.

This nutrient-dense, low-carb everyday diet is designed for all breeds and life stages to improve performance, maintain proper weight and promote a healthy coat. Realtree® High Performance Dog Food is available in two formats:

  • A conventional 33lb foil bag with freshness valve

  • A convenient Adventure Pack containing 12 single serving foil packets designed for feeding in the field.

The chicken-and-fish-based formula is fat-infused to provide quick energy and it requires less feeding, meaning less clean up.  Based on a formulation with proven results in the harsh environments of the Alaskan sled dog racing circuit, Realtree® High Performance Dog Food will provide noticeable results in less than a month and the peace of mind of feeding your dog the best.

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Realtree’s new dog food is perfect for hard-driving waterfowl retrievers.
— Joe Balog, The Duck Blog
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The quality of the product interested me the most. Very few companies understand the nutritional requirements for sporting and working dogs. Realtree® High Performance Dog Food is unlike anything we have ever used. My dogs have never looked or performed better.
— Bob Little, President of the Maritime Bird Dog Club

A performance diet for every day dogs and canine athletes alike

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