Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that making the switch to a new dog food brings up a lot of questions and concerns. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about Realtree® High Performance Dog Food.


Will my dog gain weight on the Realtree® formula?
If your dog is currently underweight, the 30/25 formula will help bring your canine to an acceptable level. If your dog is already at an ideal weight, feeding Realtree® will not add any unwanted weight.

My dog is a not a sporting dog. Can I still feed this formula?
Absolutely! When fed properly, Realtree® is an exceptional everyday diet for all dogs.

I'm currently feeding a raw diet. Can I supplement with Realtree®?
Yes. The Realtree® formula contains vitamins and minerals not present in a raw diet and will add greatly to the overall nutritional wellbeing of raw-fed dogs.

Will my dog need an adjustment period for this formula if I change to Realtree®?
No. Realtree® can be introduced on day one without any complications.

You say you are a nutrient dense, low-carb food. How do you compare to other competitive dog foods?
Realtree® is made with more meat based energy than any competitive products. The 30/25 formula has approximately 20% more meat based energy and fewer carbs than the average premium dog good.